Getting Ready To File For Bankruptcy: Be Prepared

11 July 2019
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Being prepared to declare bankruptcy involves two distinct areas of consideration. First, you must become aware that your financial condition is not going to become magically better. When you are no longer able to pay your bills and creditors have begun to either threaten or carry out more punitive measures, you should prepare yourself mentally. The other way of getting ready is far easier and involves the below actions. Speak to an Attorney About Your Financial Situation Read More 

What Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, And How Does It Apply To You?

1 March 2019
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Within the American bankruptcy system, there are three common types of bankruptcies that may be declared. These are Chapters 7, 11, and 13. Chapter 7 involves liquidating your assets to satisfy creditors, and Chapter 11 is mostly aimed at businesses and some types of farms. If you are dealing with personal debts and don't want to see your assets liquidated, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing is likely to offer the most appealing avenue. Read More 

Valuable Lessons That You Can Learn From Declaring Bankruptcy

13 January 2019
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Upon deciding that the financial hole in which you find yourself is too difficult out of which to climb, your next step should be to hire a bankruptcy law firm to represent you. Having legal professionals on your side can ease some of the significant burden that you're likely feeling, and help you to take step toward a brighter financial future. As you deal with bankruptcy proceedings, you should endeavor to learn some lessons from the situation in which you find yourself. Read More 

3 Things You Should Do Before Filing For Bankruptcy

24 November 2018
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Finances can be incredibly stressful, especially when you're having money troubles. If your debt and bills are piling up and you have no way to pay them off, you may want to file for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy may sound frightening, but you don't have to be alarmed. Here are three things you should do before you file. 1. Consider it carefully According to NOLO, you can only file for bankruptcy once every seven years, and bankruptcy significantly lowers your credit score. Read More 

Find Out Your Spouse Has Been Maxing Out Credit Cards Without You Knowing? What To Do

10 October 2018
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If you have just found out about a large amount of debt your spouse has accumulated with credit cards and accounts in their name, and you weren't aware of these debts, you need to evaluate your financial situation quickly. If you think that you are now so far in debt that you couldn't possibly pay all of the money back, and that you were already in financial strife before you found out about these new debts, it may be time to get in contact with a bankruptcy attorney. Read More