Important Reasons To Put A Skillful Foreclosure Attorney On Retainer

28 December 2021
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When your lender has notified you of its intent to foreclose on your home, you may think that you can do little to save your home other than getting caught up on the payments. You may believe that you have no legal rights that you can use to save your home from being taken.

However, even with you being significantly behind on your mortgage payments, you still have legal rights that your mortgage company must observe during the process of seizing your home. You can make sure those rights are protected by hiring a foreclosure attorney to represent you.

Verifying the Lender's Claim

When you have an experienced foreclosure attorney on retainer, you can ensure that it has a verified claim to seize your home. You may disagree with it and the claim that it has on your home. You may only be a few payments behind and already set up on a payment arrangement, for example, to get caught back up on your loan.

Your foreclosure attorney can access the paperwork involved with the bank's claim to seize your home. He or she can make sure that the bank has a valid claim and that it is not acting without due cause to force you out of your house.

Following the Laws

Your foreclosure attorney can also make sure that the lender follows the proper laws to seize your home. It cannot simply send in movers and force you out. It must follow a precise legal process that involves notifying you of its actions in writing.

If it does not follow the laws for seizing your home, it may find itself at risk of invalidating its claim against you. Your foreclosure attorney can make sure you get all notifications in writing and that all of the laws are followed in the process.

Renegotiating Your Payments

Finally, your foreclosure attorney may be able to help you renegotiate your payments with the bank and spare your home from being taken from you. He or she may be able to convince the lender to set you back up on a more affordable payment arrangement. He or she can help you explore your legal repayment options.

A foreclosure attorney can assist you after you receive notification of your pending foreclosure. He or she can ensure the lender has a valid claim and follows the precise legal process. He or she may also help you with payment options to get caught back up on your loan payments.